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LEGO Birthday Party Ideas
Looking for a unique birthday party theme? From party games to cake ideas, these tips make it easy to host your very own LEGO-themed get together!


1. Include a LEGO brick in a padded envelope with the party invitations.
2. Have an activity ready to start as soon as guests arrive.
3. Mix group games with individual projects so no one is left out.
4. Make sure everyone gets to “win” something.
5. Finish up with cake.
6. Send everyone home with a goodie bag.


Fill a large glass jar with LEGO bricks. As each guest arrives, have him or her guess how many bricks are inside, and write down the name and answer.

At the end of the party, the person whose guess came closest to the real answer wins the entire jar!


Use two long, thin LEGO pieces to make a pair of “chopsticks” for each guest. Cross them in an “X” shape and bind them tightly together in the middle with a rubber band. Squeezing the top part of the sticks together should make the bottom halves pinch together. Fill several bowls with an assortment of small objects like big buttons, erasers, crayons and LEGO bricks. Have 3 or 4 kids at a time use their chopsticks to pick up as many objects as they can in one minute. The child with the most objects at the end wins!


Give each child a small pile of LEGO bricks and have them sit in a circle on the floor. Put one brick in the middle. Going around the circle, each child adds one piece from their pile to the top of the growing tower.

How high can they build it before it topples over? The more the merrier for this one!


Shake up the party with these easy-to-make musical instruments. For each maraca, have kids fill a small cardboard box with a few LEGO bricks. Punch a small hole in the side and insert an unsharpened pencil, taping it in place. Tape the box closed and let kids decorate with stickers or markers.

Shake the maracas to jam!


In a confined area (indoors or out), hide an assortment of LEGO bricks and let the party guests search for them. For younger kids, count the number of bricks they bring back.

For older kids, you can assign scores to the different brick colors.


Have the children sit in a circle on the floor and give each a pile of LEGO bricks. Each child puts four bricks together however they want, then passes the model to the next child on the left, who adds three more bricks and passes it on. After several rounds, each child makes up a name and story for the model that he or she ends up holding.


You can transform any cake mix into a great LEGO cake! Bake a rectangular or square cake and 4 or more cupcakes. Turn the cupcakes upside down, place them on top of the cake like LEGO brick “studs”, and frost! You can add blue, green, red or yellow food coloring to white frosting to make one big “brick” or a multi-colored layer-cake stack.