child development
YOUR 0-2 YEAR OLD Natural Born Learners
A newborn baby is the most innocent and precious thing in the world but at the same time their inherent learning capacity is enormous. Before you know it, the newborn has grown up to be the two-year old: the newly “expert” walker.

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YOUR 3-4 YEAR OLD An Active, Fun & Curious Age
A 3-4 year-olds’ walking and running techniques are almost fully developed. The children’s increased physical freedom and new-found mobility paves the way to a growing interest for exploring everything around.

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YOUR 5-6 YEAR OLD Getting Into the Swing of Things with People. Objects, Letters and Numbers
At this age, children love to get into the flow of things and in tune with people. Their improved mobility, self-awareness, and understanding of the world enable them to use both their bodies and objects to control actions and things.

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YOUR 7-8 YEAR OLD Skate & Swim, Quiz & Craft, Share & Compare, Read & Write
7-8 year old children have reached a new developmental stage, or milestone. Their ways of thinking are now more rational, though still grounded in the concrete.

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YOUR 9-11 YEAR OLD Tweens: The Golden Age of Childhood
Tweens are usually pretty “happy campers,” both at home and in school. Curious, and engaged, playful and industrious – puberty has not hit too hard yet!

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YOUR 12+ YEAR OLD Teens: Becoming an Adolescent
Although today’s children are often growing older at a younger age, the big leap usually occurs around age 12.

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