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Global LEGO Building Event: Children from 35 Nations build a World of LEGO Bricks

Billund, October 2008

The LEGO brick was patented on January, 28th 1958 in Denmark and has inspired children and adults from all over the world ever since. For its 50th birthday, the LEGO Group created a global building contest with the theme: “Children Build the World of Tomorrow”. On one weekend in October the big finale of the building contest took place in LEGOLAND Billund, Denmark. 35 children from countries such as Guatemala, Hungary, the USA and Japan (among many others), built their countries’ landmarks with LEGO bricks and placed them onto a huge LEGO world map. The most creative LEGO builder of Germany, seven year old Frederik Seliger from Cologne, built a model of the Kölner Dom. In addition to the building event, tours of the production facilities in Billund and a presentation given by LEGO model builders were highlights for the young LEGO fans and their families.

It was not only a great event for the participating children: “It’s fantastic to see how kids from so many different countries build something so big together. Their joint universal language this weekend was LEGO bricks and creativity,” said Katharina Sutch, European PR Manager LEGO Central Europe.


50 Years of Creativity, Play, and Fun
The LEGO group has manufactured the famous LEGO toys which are being sold in more the 130 countries today for over half a century. At the turn of the millennium the US Fortune Magazine and the British Association of Toy Retailers awarded the LEGO brick as the “Toy of the Century”. Until now the LEGO bricks are what they have always been: Top quality and creative play material. With LEGO products kids are being assisted in their creativity and development in a natural and playful way.